• Hamidiye Mah. Emirhan Sok. No 1/1 Daire 6 Çekmeköy / Istanbul – Turkey
  • 7/24
  • Hamidiye Mah. Emirhan Sok. No 1/1 Daire 6 Çekmeköy / Istanbul – Turkey
  • 7/24

Cyber Security


Industrial/Scada Cyber Security

Industrial systems and machines are vulnerable due to digitalization and the growing networking and thus an increase in the risk of cyberattacks. Real-time security is very important for industrial control networks to ensure operational continuity and reliability. Meta-Cyber will provide visibility of all OT activities, observes continiously the PLC and SCADA for changes and configuration and checks the authorization and its levels. With a team made up of veteran cyber security and ICS experts, we will provide visibility, protection and operational continuity for your operational environment.
Industrial Cyber Security.

Methods to protect Control Systems

Control Network Inspection (CNI)
Passive network activity monitoring. Data Plane activity (process parameters) and Control Plane activity (engineering activities)
Deep Packet Inspection for ICS networks
Deployed on mirror port or network tap
Full visibility into all OT activity, including vendor-specific IEC-61131 standard PLCs implementations
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Real-time security alerts for suspicious and unauthorized activities
Control-Plane Inspection (CPI)
Deep Packet Inspection for ICS networks
Full visibility into all OT activity
Real-time alerts on suspicious and unauthorized access to controllers
Comprehensive audit trail: Who,What,When,Where,How
Agentless Controller Validation (ACV)
Periodic validation of controller integrity of: State,Firmware,Control Logic,Settings & Configuration
Captures all changes performed locally
No impact on operations/performance

Threats to Automation Controllers

• Cyber Attacks (External Threats)
• Targeted attacks
• Collateral damage
• Malicious Insiders (Insider Threat)
• Disgruntled employees
• Compromised IT devices
• Human Error and Negligence
• Unintentional mistakes
• Insecure contractor equipment on site